School of Marxism Studies

School of Marxism Studies was formed on the basis of the former School of Political Science (Department of Science and Technology, Xi'an Lianzheng (clean government) Research Center). Currently School has one undergraduate major and one research center. The major in ideological and political education firstly set the professional direction of discipline inspection and supervision over the country; Xi'an Lianzheng (clean government) Research Center is the only research center for building a clean government and anti-corruption mechanism in Xi’an.

The School has 42 staff, including 36 full-time teachers, 4 professors, 17 associate professors, 15 lecturers; 4 doctors, 18 Masters, and 3 Master Instructor. The School has one province-level teaching master, one municipal expert with outstanding contribution, one municipal academic and technical leader, one education model for education system in Xi’an and one model worker in the city.

The School has excellent teaching resources and teaching facilities. It has set up a reference room for building an honest and clean culture and established a number of stable internship training bases and production, teaching and research bases to build a platform for the development of specialized disciplines and students' practical ability, transformation of scientific research achievements and service for the society. The School has established one key discipline of Marxism Chinese, one teaching team in ideological and political theory with two provincial-level quality course and six excellent school-level courses. The School focuses on discipline construction, discipline inspection and discipline construction and grassroots anti-corruption building research walking in the forefront of the country. In the past two years, the School has undertaken two projects of National Social Science Fund and more than ten provincial and ministerial topics, published over ten core journals, and two academic monographs and nine discipline inspection and supervision professional teaching series.