School of Arts

With its arts education specialty started as early as in 1983,the School is listed as one of the pioneering teaching institutes of art education in Shaanxi, which is currently composed of departments of music education, music performance, visual communication design, fine arts, public art, digital media as well as one arts center. In addition, it has four internal research institutes---- Drum Music Research Institute , Research Institute for Ceramics Culture of Yaozhou Kiln, Research Institute for Central Shaanxi Plain Folk Custom and Research Institute for Traditional Art of Central Shaanxi Plain. The School opens its enrollments to students from ten provinces of China, and first choice admittance account for 100 percent, with their employment rate over 91 percent. At the beginning of 2018,the School has an student enrollment of 1346.  

The School has a teaching staff of 110, 91 of them are full- time teachers including 7 professors, 24 associate professors and 46 lecturers; 4 of them have doctor degree and 56 of them have master degree. The School is equipped with 9 labs, 4 exhibition halls, 4 rehearsal room and one concert hall .

Over the past 3 years, the School has enjoyed a total academic paper publication of 306,including 39 core journal publications, 7 of them are of C class,5 are of ISTP ect. In addition ,it has 13 published albums of painting .More than that, it has conducted  many research projects, including 7 at provincial level.

The School has claimed 137 art awards at home and abroad with a total of over 90 person-time(with 22 exhibits selected for international exhibition  ). The School is equally fruitful in terms  of vocal and instrumental music performance, claiming 87 national and internal awards. The students have taken part in a wide range of specialty-related competitions and academic work yielding as many as 89 award-winners as well as academic paper publications.

Over recent years, the School has made steady efforts to promote its academic and educational exchange and cooperation with others universities, organizations or enterprises including SPU,HKPU and some US universities. Both teachers and students are active participants of various professional events or start-up practice of different levels at home and abroad, and have achieved impressive results.