School of Preschool Education

School of Preschool Education was formerly known as Xi’an Kindergarten Teachers’ School in Shaanxi Province. Its history dates back to 1955 and it is the first batch of specialized schools in the province that specialize in nursery teachers. The school has been granted as Shaanxi province joint education master’s (pre-school education) work demonstration station and one of Xi’an pre-school education free students training units. It currently offers Shaanxi provincial first-class construction program, Shaanxi Provincial higher continuing education (pre-school education) specialty, university-level key construction major and university-level key support discipline.

There are 1254 students in the College. In the recent three years, the first volunteer application rate was 100%; admission score was the highest among the 45 undergraduate majors, and the minimum admission score for 2016 was higher than 18 for one undergraduate; the average employment rate in the recent three years was 97.4% And the capital city employment accounted for 84.2%.

There are 56 full-time teachers, including 1 professors, 25 associate professors, 3 Doctors of Philosophy Degree (including Ph.D Student), 34 teachers with double-division orientation and double qualifications, 8 Master’s tutors. Various scientific research programs are undertaken including 57 city-level, 36 provincial & ministerial level and 1 national level projects. Over 200 academic papers have been published, 84 of which are recognized kernel ones. The achievements also cover Shaanxi Provincial Excellent Teaching Material Aware, Shaanxi Provincial Excellent Humanities and Social Science Award and the approval of Shaanxi Province Teaching Reform Project.

The program of pre-school education is extensively involved in policy making, professional consultation, quality assessment, teaching and research guidance and other activities at all levels of educational administration. Seven teachers were enrolled in provincial and municipal pre-school education experts, 32 teachers were hired as provinces and municipalities pre-school education assessment experts and state training, provincial training project teachers, and three teachers were hired as provincial and municipal teacher advisers for Teaching Workshop. The school-administration cooperation and school-enterprise cooperation are continuously strengthened, covering the pilot project entitled “Shaanxi Province” with the Provincial Department of Education, the international cooperation project entitled "Children's Emotions and Interpersonal Skills of Bibi and Friends" with the China Foundation for Social Welfare and "Shaanxi Province Left-behind Children Project" with a total funding of 212 millions.

The ever trained teaching staff including principles of kindergarten through the whole province, , are more than 1,000, benefiting more than 60,000 children.

Pre-school education efforts to create an integrated school community involving "teaching, research and training": the establishment of the kindergarten environment with the characteristics of pre-school education and 7 specialized training room for the observation of children's behavior; more than 110 research Off-campus bases and 36 internship bases. 85% of the practice bases are listed in the provincial demonstration kindergartens, covering the whole province.

Over more than 60 years of school history, “Residing in kindergarten as a teacher & student “talent training mode is forged under the guidance of the concept of “full-round practice”. The graduates is qualified with strong competence, quick adaptability to career and the market demand. About 80% of provincial model kindergarten principals, key teachers and excellent kindergarten teachers graduated from our school, forming strong support for the development of pre-school education in industries and regions.