Normal School

Normal School currently has three undergraduate majors in primary education, physical education, and applied psychology with 855 students. The three majors have jointly trained graduate students with Shaanxi Normal University and Xi'an Institute of Physical Education.

The School follows talent cultivation principle of “thick foundation, wide caliber, strong ability and innovation”, highlighting the application and general type. In recent years, the average employment rate is 95%.

The School has reasonable faculty structure, and excellent teachers. It has 74 full-time teachers, including 39 professors and associate professors, accounting for 52.7% of the total, 28 dual-capable teachers and 21 master's supervisors. The School has hired more than a dozen well-known domestic experts, senior teachers as part-time professors.

In the past two years, the School has presided over and participated in 5 national-level subjects and 25 provincial and ministerial-level subjects. In addition, it has set up 58 Municipal-level research programs and published 25 academic monographs and edited textbooks, and more than 300 academic papers. The School has compiled and printed The Journal of Higher Education of Xi'an University, memorabilia and all kinds of yearbook materials of university.

The School vigorously promotes the cooperation among industry, universities and research institutes and actively serves the development of local educational undertakings. It has conducted more than 40 social service projects for educational authorities, schools, government agencies and social sectors of provincial, municipal, district and county levels and cooperated with Xi'an Economic Development Zone Administrative Commission. It has built a long-term and good cooperative relationship with many primary and secondary schools, government departments and enterprises. Now it has nearly 40 high-quality internship training bases.

The School has the whole university physical education and teacher education public course teaching. It has a commitment to the school sunshine sports work, fencing characteristics of the project, softball in Shaanxi Province and the country's reputation.

The School has excellent style of study, and it has got great success in subjects and artistic contest for students. In the past two years, there have been 40 awards in national competitions and 30 awards at provincial and municipal levels. The School has comprehensive high quality graduates with practical ability, which has earned a wide acclaim by the employing units and the community.