School of Biological and Environmental Engineering

Established in 1981, the School of Biological and Environmental Engineering now has four undergraduate disciplines—Biological Sciences (Science), Horticulture (Agronomy), Ecological Engineering of Environment (Engineering) and Natural Geography and Resource Environment (Science). Currently, our school has a staff of 62 people including 46 full-time faculty, 8 professors, 11 associate professors and 30 doctors from top universities and institutions at home and abroad.

Our school is based on provincial “Bioscience Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center”, the “Lab of Plant Germplasm Innovation and Utilization” and the “Lab of Collaborative Research on Plant & Microorganism”, Xi’an-U Support Disciplines: Botany and Xi’an Qinling Ecological Engineering Research Center, etc. In the recent five years, it has successively undertaken 4 NSFC projects and over 100 provincial and municipal scientific research projects. It has over 200 papers published on important journals home and abroad. It has gained over 20 patents and 6 Scientific Research Achievement Prizes.

Our school boasts 1,427 sets experimental facilities for teaching and scientific research which are worth nearly 22 million yuan, 3 Xi’an-U key labs, 5 basic teaching labs, 7 specialized teaching labs, 2,820 square meters of lab for students, 1 intramural practical base for plant growth and breeding, nearly 4,000 items (3,400 species) of animal specimen and over 6,000 items of plant specimen. It has built over 10 bases for Industry-University-Research cooperation with Red River Valley National Forest Park in Taibai Mountain National Nature Reserve, Xi'an Agro-technical Extension Center, Xi'an Technology of Vegetable and flower Extension Center, Xi'an Technology of Modern Fruit Extension Center, Xi'an Aerospace Base Zhongchu Agriculture and Forestry Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Chempartner Co., Ltd., etc.