School of Chemical Engineering

There are 58 members of staff, among whom 25 have advanced titles, 31 are doctors, 1 is awarded the title of middle-aged expert with national outstanding achievement, 3 are reputed as famous teachers in Shaanxi Province, and 2 are experts given the special subsidy in Shaanxi Province. What’s more, 1 is honored as academic foregoer in Xi’an, 1 is selected as May-fouth Youth Model, and 6 are teachers with both teaching and practical certificates.

The school offers three specialties with bachelor’s degree programs: Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering & Technology. Supported by Analytical Chemistry, a provincial key subject, and cooperated with Shaanxi Normal University and Yan’an University, the chemistry specialty has solid strength and is oriented to train high-quality middle-school teachers and workers. As the national comprehensive reform pilot specialty and special provincial one, Applied Chemistry is directed at quality inspection and fine chemical development. The specialty of Chemical Engineering & Technology has two training aims (energy chemistry and fine chemistry), and is supported by national finance and equipped with advanced experimental facilities and training workshops.

The school has attached great importance to the construction of teaching platforms, curricula and development of students’ quality. So far, there are 20 approved provincial teaching quality projects for four year’s programs, 7 best resource-sharing courses, 2 teaching teams and 1 experiment teaching pilot center at provincial level. Moreover, teaching practice is highly stressed. More than 10 teaching practice bases have been established in cooperation with quite a few of enterprises, such as Shaanxi Quality Inspection Bureau, Xi’an Production Quality Supervision Institute, Xi’an Modern Chemistry Research Institute, and Shenhua Chemistry Industry Co, ltd. in Xianyang. During the three years, admission rate of graduates has been rising steadily. And students have won more than 200 awards in National Chemistry Design Competition, Chemistry Experiment Expertise Competition, Innovation and Business Starting-up for College Students. A large number of excellent graduates are working in such fields as education, quality inspection, chemical R&D, business. Employment rate at the first try is above 95%.