School of Foreign Studies

School of Foreign Studies(SFS) has 38 years of history, offers three undergraduate majors-- English, Japanese and translation and awards dual bachelor's degree. English major is the key construction of the school, “College English” teaching team is a provincial teaching team, “English Linguistics” is provincial quality resource sharing course.

Currently, there are 91 faculties, including 4 foreign experts, 31 Professor and Associate professors. A number of research results have been produced in applied linguistics, second language acquisition, translation research and other fields. 35 projects have been granted the support of various research funds. Faculties of SFS have provided all kinds of service for the local government in various fields. Such as participated in the translation of the English logo of Xi'an Metro and public signs in Shaanxi Province, and undertook the translation work of Eurasian Economic Forum, East-West Economic and Trade Fair and other foreign affairs activities. 

Facilities include a New Silk Road language Service Center, Panorama Foreign Language Experience Center, simultaneous interpretation laboratory. Rich foreign language learning resources are offered and long-term co-operations with more than 20 governments, enterprises and institutions have been established, such as the Global Times Online (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., EF Education, Express Network Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Overseas Chinese Affairs Office etc.. Translation Institute is the language service ability and evaluation training base of China Translation Association.

SFS aims to cultivate comprehensive undergraduates who have a strong ability of applying foreign language majors and intercultural communication skills, and  implements the  “professional + direction”  personnel training mode. English major has established “English + tourism management” dual bachelor degree training mode. Japanese major has set up “3 +2”, “2 +2” joint training mode with Japan's West University.

SFS has won a lot of national and provincial honors and awards in different kinds of contests and competitions. Graduates has high employment rate and social reputations.

SFS pays attention to international exchange activities, and has successively held “3 + 2” and “2 + 2” international cooperation programs with Wright State University in the United States and  University of Otago in New Zealand. More than 30 teachers and students have been sent to the United States, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions to carry out academic exchanges.