School of Chinese Language and Literature

School of Chinese Language and Literature enjoys a long-standing history. It now offers 5 Bachelor’s degree programs, such as Chinese Language and Literature, Drama and Film and Teleplay Literature, TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language), Secretarial Education, and Advertising. There are 1211 students and over 70 faculties with 62 full-time teachers, 9 professors and 20 associate professors. The rate of senior position has reached 47%. It now has 19 doctors and post-doctorates, 4 Ph.D., 28 masters and master candidates. The rate of full-time teachers who have a master degree or above is 76%, including 2 provincial “San Qin Talent” , 1 provincial outstanding teacher and 5 school-level teaching models.   

The School now has 1 provincial key discipline on ancient Chinese literature, 1 provincial characteristic major on Chinese literature, 4 top-quality courses on ancient Chinese literature, esthetics and Shaanxi humanity tourism, 1 provincial teaching team on ancient Chinese literature, 3 school-level key disciplines on Chinese ancient  literature, literature and special history, 10 top-quality courses on Chinese ancient literature, esthetics, modern Chinese, teachers’ oral language, calligraphy, ancient Chinese history, modern Chinese history, contemporary Chinese history and world’s early history, 3 school-level excellent courses on foreign literature, Chinese teaching theory and ancient Chinese.

School of Chinese Language and Literature has always attached great importance to scientific researches and education reform, during which outstanding achievements have been made as well. During the last three years, it had directed 3 National Social Science projects, 1 social project by Ministry of Education, 38 provincial and municipal projects, 5 transverse projects above city level. It had published 14 monographs, 5 textbooks, and vended 346 academic papers publicly ,among which 74 are published on national authority and core academic journals and gain 9 awards of first second and third prizes for scientific research at provincial and municipal levels. Furthermore, it also directed 25 education reform projects (including subprojects) at provincial and municipal level, of which11 projects gained the second and third prize of outstanding achievements on provincial municipal and school levels.  

School of Chinese Language and Literature has paid great attention to international communication and has received teachers and students from countries such as the United States, South Korea, Thailand, Albania, Japan and Canada for a total of 22 batches, 185 people to work and study, and has established several overseas practice teaching bases. And it has received 49 undergraduate students from Thailand to finish “the 3+1 project” and 17 foreign students from Central Asia. And it has formed a bright spot on international promotion and communication of Chinese culture.

School of Chinese Language and Literature has set up 1 research institution named Ancient Chinese Literature Research Institution. The academic research institutions affiliated to the School are Chinese Wang Wei Research Association, Xi’an Literature Research Association and Shaanxi provincial language workstation of Proficiency Test of Putonghua in Xi’an University.