School of Mathematics and Computer Engineering


School of Mathematical and Computer Engineering currently offers three bachelor’s degree programs, i.e. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computation Science, Computer Science and Technology. Computer Science and Technology is rated as one of the provincial characteristic specialty construction sites. It has a faculty of 79, including 60 full-time teachers, among whom there are 5 professors, 17 associate professors, 36 lecturers. Nearly 70% of the teachers have won either master or doctor degrees. It is equipped with Computer Network Lab, Software Engineering Lab, Multimedia Technology Lab, Computer Principle Lab, Microcomputer Principle Lab, Electronic Technology Lab, Computer Assembly Lab, ARM Lab, and Mathematical Modeling Lab, etc. In recent years, it lays greater emphasis on the combination with market and integration into enterprises by way of either “coming in” or “going out” so as to improve students’ professional skills and comprehensive quality. As for the students majoring in Computer Science and Technology, and Information and Computer Science, it has forged cooperative relations with Xi’an Institute of Service & Software Science Technology, and Xian Digital China Co. Ltd. to solve the problem of student’s employment by adopting the course replacement and the “order form” training mode. As for students majoring in Mathematics Education, it has always attached greater importance to and enhanced the training and improvement in students’ occupational skills so much so that students have made remarkable achievements in different kinds of open recruitments and tests for recruiting teachers.

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