School of Chemical Engineering


School of  Chemical Engineering has three specialties, offering bachelor’s degree programs. They are Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering & Technology. It also has 1 specialty at the junior college level, Fine Chemicals Production Technology. The three undergraduate specialties have formed the synergic relationships of interdependence and co-existence. As an old specialty, chemistry specialty has provided rich and solid foundation in its discipline, having offered stronger support for the other two specialties. Applied Chemistry was established in 2006. The conferment right of bachelor’s degree has been granted to this specialty, by far, two successions of graduates have successfully completed their study. Built upon the greater support from Chemistry Specialty and the accumulated wealth of experience and knowledge from Fine Chemicals Production Technology, the cooperation between production, instruction and research have been enhanced, the application-oriented personnel training mode has been explored, having paved the way for open education and thus formed its own characteristics. Applied Chemistry is rated as the university key specialty in 2009; as the provincial characteristic specialty in 2011; and as the provincial comprehensive reform pilot site. Established in 2010, Chemical Engineering & Technology is the natural outcome of the chemistry application-oriented personnel training. Its establishment has radically changed our traditional school-running considerations and conditions. With the Chinese Government’s investment of 5,780,000 RMB yuan in building laboratories and the project’s completion of chemical training workshop has provided support in hardware environment for the chemical engineering & technology specialty.

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