On July 2, The university commencement ceremony was held in the auditorium
President Xu Kewei, vice President Li ZhongLiang, Geng ZhanJun, HanQuan, Wang XiaoPing, Quan

Hui ling as well as Deans and more than thousand graduates attended the ceremony, 3004 graduates will leave school  for their future career. On behalf of all faculty ,professor Zhao gave
a short words to graduates and wish them a prospectivecareer. A graduate,surname Zhou,presented
a moving farewell speech on ceremony to show their appropriation andlove for Xi'an-U.
Finally, President Xu Kewei,on behalf of entire school faculty members,delivered a
commencement speech to graduates and their parents.He mentioned that how unforgettableand
fruitful university life to all graduates ,so naïve of being a freshman,so curious to join student union,

so nervous to be on the stage for first time,so fulfilled gained the paid from part-time job,
everything graduates had  gone through was good preparation for future.
Lastly,president Kewei Xu expressed his sincere hopes for all graduates.wish them remain honest with
people and work,being a hardworking person ,to be passionate for future   and never give-up when many difficulty confronted.
Group photo has been taken before the end of commencement.