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President Xu Kewei Attends the 24th Congress of the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering
President Xu Kewei Attends the 24th Congress of the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering
Source: International Exchange Division   Release time: June 29, 2017
Local time On June 27th, the 24th International Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE) was held in Nice, France. More than 180 scholars from all over the world attended the meeting. Professor Xu, president of Xi’an-U, attended it and exchanged with other delegates.
On the morning of the 27th, the International Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering Federation held the opening ceremony and the General Assembly report. Chairman of the conference, Patrick Jacquot, delivered a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony, and he invited the president of the French Society for Heat Treatment, Perrier, to co-chair the report in the conference. Four famous experts were invited to make special reports.

Mr. P Tayler from Safran Group vividly illustrated the whole process of demand, design, material selecting, as well as the future trend of undercarriage through lively examples and cases; Mr. Charstel from Renault Group addressed the conference themed“Materials Engineering in Automobile Industry”;Mr. Bemporad,professor of Sapienza University of Rome, lectured on the application of laser beam to residual stress measurement; Prof. Somers from University of Denmark, who likened the research of thermochemistry surface engineering to fun fair of science and innovation, held a very wonderful presentation, arousing heated discussion among all representatives.

In the afternoon, on the eight sub-forums, participants had a deep discussion on the following topics, chemical heat treatment, surface hardening, surface deposition technology, industrial equipment design and manufacture, process control instruments and meters of heat treatment, quenching, quenching medium and equipment, distortion and distortion control, wear and protection, casting and computer simulation, etc. President Xu Kewei listened attentively to the conference report and participated in the discussion; what is more, he had a deep exchange with the exhibiting enterprises.

Zhang Tianshe, Dean of the School of Humanities, Zhang Yunliang, Dean of School of Mechanical and Material Engineering and Zhangsun Furong, interpreter from School of Foreign Studies also joined in these activities.

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