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International Summer Camp for College Students
                             Source: School of Foreign Studies                               Release time: May 23, 2018

 Experience the profoundness of Xi’an ,

 A historical and cultural city;

Feel the charm of Xi’an,

An international metropolis;

Soak up the atmosphere of Xi’an,

An ancient capital of 13 dynasties;

The International Summer Camp for College Students will commence in July

And is recruiting members now!

 “Experience Silk Road Culture,

 Live Like Xi’an People”

Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Datang Culture and Art Leisure Area, Dayan Pagoda, Museums, Shijingli, Qinling Mountains, Guanzhong Academy

All you need to pay is your air tickets.

Camp Duration:July 11-July 20, 2018

Application Deadline:June 1, 2018

Sponsored by

 Xi’an Municipal People’s Government

 Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government

Undertaken by

Xi’anMunicipal Bureau of Education

Xi’an University

Requirements for enrollment:

1.Currently enrolled in a college or university

2.Proficiency in English and with a basic command of Chinese

3.Interested in Chinese language, history and culture.

4.Those with talent show and no travelling experience to Xi’an preferable 

(Round trip tickets to Xi’an and travel visa to China should be prepared by yourself)

What will you DO in Xi’an?

You will enjoy

Traditional Chinese culture, Chanting the Book of Poetry, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese tea ceremony, Shaanxi opera, Chinese martial artsChinese paper cutting

You will visit

Dayan Pagoda, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Xi’an City Wall, Guanzhong Academy, Shaanxi History Museum, Folklore Museum, Datang Culture and Art Leisure Area, Tang Paradise, Qinling Mountains, Colleges and Universities in Xi’an, Xi'an Economic

and Technological Development Zone

You will experience

Traditional Chinese etiquette, Folk custom of Guanzhong, Farming culture, City life

You will taste

Shredded pancakes in mutton and beef soup, soup buns, Boiled dumplings, Roujiamo (Xi’an meat burger), Cold noodle, Local cooked wheaten food, Hot and spicy snacks, Street snacks


You will attend

The Silk Road Youth Forum, Talent show, Interviews

3 ways do get the registration form

1.      Scan the QR code and follow the official account of “Xi’an University” at first, and then send the message “application form”. The electronic version of application form will be available.

2.      Send the message “application form” through your E-mail, and then the electronic version of application form will be available.

3.      Login the public to download the application form with the password 12345678.

After you filled out the registration form please email it We willcontact you and inform the further details. 

Contact: Li Yuan

Tel.(fax): 0086-29-88827382



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