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Language Services for IFHTSE Provided by Teachers and Students from Xi'an-U

Source: School of Foreign Studies & School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering  

Release time: Sept 17, 2018


The Congress of International Federation of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE) is the biggest, the most high-leveled comprehensive academic conference in the field of heat treatment and surface engineering. The 25th IFHTSE, which takes its third time to be held in China after Beijing and Shanghai, was announcing its opening in Xi’an on September 11, 2018 in Qujiang International Convention Center. The four-day congress received nearly 1,300 experts and representatives from 24 countries and regions, 150 out of whom from overseas. Wang Yongkang, member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Committee of CPC, secretary of Xi’an Municipal Committee of CPC, QiangXiaoan, deputy mayor of Xi’an Municipal Government as well as other municipal chief leaders from relevant departments attended the congress.

Academicians from Chinese Academy of Engineering and executive members of IFHTSE also took a part in the congress. They are: Prof. Zhou Yu, president of Harbin Institute of Technology, director of China Heat Treatment Society; academician Lv Jian from CNRS; Li Helin, researcher of CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute; Zhao Zhenye, researcher of Beijing Institute of Aerial Materials, former director of China Heat Treatment Society; Prof. Wang Huaming from Beihang University, deputy director of China Heat Treatment Society; Dr. Scott Mackenzie from the US, president of IFHTSE; Dr. Patrick Jacquot from France, president of IFHTSE from 2016-2017; Dr. Stefan Hock from Italy, IFHTSE secretary-general; Dr. Eva Troell from Sweden, IFHTSE vice-president. Prof. Xu Kewei, the former president of IFHTSE, the former president of Xi’an University, and the present director of Xi’an Advisory Committee for Policy hosted the opening ceremony.



Prof. Xu Kewei, the former president of IFHTSE, hosted the congress at the opening ceremony.


Volunteers from the School of Foreign Studies were picking up Dr. Eva Troell、

Dr. Thomas Waldenmaier、H. Rudolph、Dr. Aleksey Yerokhin、

Dr. Imre Felde、D.T.A. Matthews at the airport.


Volunteers were liaison-interpreting for Dr. Eva Troell、Dr. Thomas Waldenmaier

 in the School of Mechanical Engineering and Materials in Xi’an University.



Volunteers from the  School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering  were

serving in the conference.

31 volunteers from the School of Foreign Studies and School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering  were at Reception Ceremony at Yong Ning Gate of the City Wall.

 On the evening of 13th, Ms. Zhangsun Furong and Ms Ni Bo

from Translation and Interpretation Teaching and Research Office were hosting the award ceremony of IFHTSE

 at Qujiang International Convention Center.


Mr. Yuan Weimin, dean of the School of Foreign Studies, and Prof. Zhang Yunliang, dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Materials were invited to the award ceremony. Much praise were given to our volunteers for their excellent work for the congress by experts from home and abroad. They took photos together with our teachers and volunteers.


Participating in such a big event is very beneficial for students to enlarge their vision. Xi'an University will continue to uphold the principle of “Meeting the Needs of Xi’an Development, and Integrating with Xi’an Prosperity ” as the focus to advance the comprehensive ability cultivation of students. Teachers and students are very qualified in preparation, reception and translation for the congress, and has showed their professionalism of foreign reception, which is highly praised by the guests home and abroad.

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