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Delegation from Saint Paul University in Philippines visits Xi’an-U

Delegation from Saint Paul University in Philippinesvisits Xi’an-U

Source:International Exchanges Division                                          Release time:Oct.26, 2018

Doctor MarichenA.Dychangco, the vice president of Saint Paul University, Manila,the Philippines visited Xi’an University on the afternoon of October 25th. The delegationreceivedwarm welcome from Xi’an-U represented by Zhao Tong, the director of International Exchanges Division. The two sides discussed the cooperation between the two schools.

ThePhilippines is the third largest English-speaking country in the world with the population of 100 million. There are over 1,700 collegesand universities around the country including 400 comprehensive universities. English is spoken both inside and outside the campus, and is the best bilingual environment to train talents who has profound understanding in both English and profession.

There are sevencampuses in the Saint Paul University and over 50,000 students on campus. Saint Paul University, Manila has a history of 106 years,and is one of the 36 superior universities around the Philippines.Saint Paul University, Manila has advantages of early education, K-12 education, music education, medical nursing, etc. The training programs include undergraduate, post graduate and doctor. Besides, it is the very one to offer the music therapy major(undergraduate and post graduate) in the Philippines.

During the discussion, the two sides introduced the basic information and school running characteristics of the two schools. And mainly discussed the “3+1+1/3+2” undergraduate and postgraduate project for education major and music major. And the “3+2” undergraduate and postgraduate continuous study project for preschool education major. The discussion also includes doctoral program for music(teacher) and joint training program for international students of the two universities.

Doctor MarichenA.Dychangco extended sincere invitations hoping that our teachers could visit Saint Paul University, the Philippines as soon as possible, so as to enhance the communication of each other and carry out deeper corporation.