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Vice President of Wonkwang University Visits Xi'an-U

Vice President of Wonkwang University Visits Xi’an-U

Source: International Exchange Division              Release time: Nov.16, 2018

On November 16, 2018,  vicepresident Zheng Zhengquan and professor Wu Chengxu from Wonkwang University, South Korea, paid a visit toXi’an University.They  were accorded a warm reception by Wang Xiaoping, vicePresident of our university.During themeeting, Wang Xiaoping made an introduction to the guestsXi’an-U and the recent developments in international exchanges andcooperation with some universities.She expressed our university’s willingness to carry out exchanges with students, teachers and visiting scholars from Wonkwang University.

As a comprehensive university providing four-year’s teachingprograms, Wonkwang University has a history of more than 74 years.At present, there are 16,000 students and 1200  high quality faculty members.And there are 75 programs offering master’s degree and doctor’s degree.The university has a high reputation in such areas as medicine, engineering and humanities in Asia. Zheng Zhengquan introduced in detail the history of the university, construction of teaching staff, development of branded majors, as well as their experiences in overseas exchanges andcooperation.She invited leaders, teachers and students of our university to study in Wonkwang University.What’s more, she hoped to enhance thecooperation between the two universities, especially in upgrading of teachers’ degrees.

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