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The International Exchange Division of Xi’an-U Invited to Video Conferencing on Cooperation and Exchange Programs with University of the West of Scotland

Source: The International Exchange Division   Release time: May.14, 2020

  Recently, the International Exchange Division of Xi’an-U was invited to participate in a video conferencing on the cooperation and exchange programs with University of the West of Scotland(UWS) in the UK with an attendance of program chiefs of the International Exchange Office from more than 30 universities and colleges in Beijing, Hunan,etc. As for the epidemic situation this year, more flexible policy of studying in UWS has been adopted, including application access, attendance approaches and tuition fees. Participants from universities exchanged ideas on the progress of the programs. At the end of April, the International Exchange Division organized Xi’an-U students to attend the UWS online program lecture.

  As early as 2016, Xi’an-U signed a cooperation agreement with University of the West of Scotland to carry out various learning and exchange programs, such as “3+1”, “3+1+1” and language training, providing high-quality resources for students to study abroad.

  University of the West of Scotland is a comprehensive university in the UK and an important educational base in Scotland. Its civil engineering, chemical engineering, physics, accounting and finance, computer and network security engineering, and education rank as a top position in the UK.

  Since the epidemic, the International Exchange Division has maintained close ties with international universities and colleges and actively developed new partners, laying a solid foundation for the development of International Exchanges Divisions in the coming year.