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Mayor Mr. Li Mingyuan Visits Xi’an-U

Source: Xi’an University    Release time: Dec.4,2020

  On December 3, Mr. Li Mingyuan, mayor of Xi’an, paid an official visit to Xi’an University with a delegation. When he was at the university history museum, the mayor was informed in detail of the development of the university, talent training, teaching achievement, exchanges and cooperation, education of innovation and entrepreneurship, etc. He praised the achievements made by the university in terms of development and research in recent years.

  In art and handcraft workshop of the Pre-school Education School, Mr. Li Mingyuan watched the handcrafts made by the students, and asked about the professional development and employment status of the students. He encouraged the school to give full play to its advantages, keep improving, and make the advantageous majors stronger and more competitive. In Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Surface Engineering and Remanufacturing, Mr. Li Mingyuan got to know about the direction of research, the fields of technology application, the construction of research teams and the cooperation between schools and enterprises. From his perspective, it is necessary to increase the investment in research and development, and give more attention to talent training and transformation from research to application and production; the field of technology application must be expanded to boost industrial development through science and technology.

  At the following meeting, Mr. Wen Xiangrong, the Party Secretary of the university, and Prof. Chen Gang, the President of the university, made a report on the recent development of Xi’an University. The mayor on site asked relevant departments to coordinate and solve the existing problems, and demanded the corresponding municipal departments give maximum help and guidance in the major setting and discipline construction of the university, seeking for a faster and better development in the future.

  Mr. Li Mingyuan said that Xi’an University is worthy of recognition for its profound history, stable development, and remarkable achievements. The university should establish a scientific operation philosophy, and make good use of resources in education, talents, science and technology in Xi’an to attract more excellent teachers, strengthen the faculties, and continuously improve the operation level. It is necessary to enlarge the horizon, pay attention to creating characteristic and advantageous specialties to upgrade the specialty structure. Thus, more application-oriented talents can meet the needs of the society, and Xi’an-University can be turned into a high-level application-oriented city university with distinctive characteristics.