Dear Alumni,

Thank you for visiting Xi'an-U's web site.
Happy New Year! It is finally 2013. the year of university 10th undergraduate education anniversary.
2003 to 2013,these decade is more than important to Xi'an-U, This university underwent great changes within the times.all faculty members dedicated to teaching and providing the best educational experience possible for its students ,all the efforts they made has created a large number of distinguished alumnis.
In 2012,Xi'an-U has achieved impressive success in many fields. The university further clarified that run a university should base actual needs .not only paased asset conducted by CHINA ministry of education,but Readjusted and optimized thehuman resources structure.Beside,we had management and teachers' training and methods improved by expansion of Exchange and cooperation with outsides and enhancement of subjects buiding.
2013 will be another milestone in Xi'an-U history.Since the more efforts that university shall make to educational standards under the guidance of CHINA LONG TERM EDUCATION REFORM AND DEVELOPMENT PLAN. first and foremost
A qualified university should be based on the man-centered concept, society-servedconcept, sustainable-development concept with an enterprising spirit. Our core competency shall be strengthen to provide better serving to XI’AN.
The university 10th undergraduate education anniversary is approaching,it would be our great honour to have you  returned。By this anniversary,all the old memories shall be retrieved. As the Xi'an-U president, I am committed to strengthen its connection with our alumni, with the goal of making your connection with Xi'an-U a lifelong one that will be mutually beneficial。
Your support means a lot to the university and our students as we evolve to continue our success amongst our peer institutions.  Every member of Xi'an-U are very appreciative of all that our alumni, and friends do in helping them achieve their educational goals.
Best regards
Xu Kewei Xi'an-U Ph.D